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The minutes of board meetings

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June 21st, 2010 12:00-1:30 pm

Geneva, Switzerland


Present: Drs. Palmer, Lacroix, Moriyama, Serrano, Kennedy, Onerci, Kamel, Kozlov, Papavassilliou, Rautianianen, Vicente, Xu

Guest: Wytske Fokkens

The meeting was called to order by the president, James Palmer.

Because of a conflict in her schedule, Wytske Fokkens was asked to present first her proposal for a joint ERS/ISIAN meeting in 2014. Dr. Fokkens said that the meeting would be held June 22-26, 2014, in the old stock exchange in the center of Amsterdam. She explained that there are many hotels adjacent to the meeting site. Beginning prior to the 2012 meeting in Toulouse, a scientific program committee will be set up by ERS to oversee the ERS portion of the scientific program. The theme for the meeting in 2014 we will be the nose as an interface. Dr. Fokkens stated that significant attention would be given during the meeting to allergy and immunology.


  • 1) ISIAN would have one full day or two half days identified as ISIAN sessions during the meeting.

  • 2) ISIAN would be able to develop the program for these sessions. Dr. Fokkens herself will identify the broad topics for the sessions, and ISIAN will identify a program committee which will select the speakers and also interface with Dr. Fokkens.

  • 3) The goal is to have a preliminary program within 2 years.

Dr. Palmer then presented the statistics for the Rhinology World Meeting (Combined IRS, ISIAN, ARS and AAOA meeting) from March 2009. The meeting was a great success with a total of 1352 attendees from 60 countries and 43 US States. Attendee feedback was extremely positive regarding the meeting.

Dr. Lacroix then discussed the statistics for the 2010 meeting. He stated that there were more than 1000 attendees from 64 countries. The largest contingent came from China with 115 delegates and this was extremely helpful to the meeting overall.

Dr. Kennedy he gave a brief General Secretary report, covering the proposals for future meetings and briefly discussing some of the concerns that had been raised about continuing joint meetings with ERS. A question was raised with regard to the status of moving ISIAN do a formal society. Dr. Moriyama that there were a number of hurdles to completing this, however, this was still the long term plan. Dr. Vicente raised a question with regard to how the Society would be funded. The current concept is that there would be a small tax on ISIAN meeting income, once the Society was established. Dr. Vicente also raised the question about ISIAN either having its own Journal or adopting the Journal Allergy and Rhinology as its official journal. Following a brief discussion regarding the new journal, it was decided that the possibility of adopting the new journal as the official journal of the society would be discussed the Board meeting in Tokyo.

Dr. Hiroshi Moriyama then discussed the ongoing plans for the combined IRS/ISIAN meeting in 2011. The meeting will be held April 6-9, 2011 at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel in Tokyo. This should be the height of the cherry blossom season. Dr. Moriyama pointed out the central location of the meeting site and the ease of transportation within Tokyo. Early registration is set at 50,000 yen with late registration at 60,000 yen. A website is been established. Broad scientific goals have been identified for the meeting and it is planned that it will include live surgery. There will be an additional fee you for the Gala dinner. A number of leading foreign faculty have already confirmed their attendance.

Dr. Elie Serrano then discussed the plans for the joint ERS/ISIAN meeting in 2012. It will be held June 17-21, 2012. Dr. Serrano also stated that there will be two ½ day ISIAN sessions and invited the ISIAN to arrange a committee to select the speakers for those sessions. He also invited the ISIAN to choose certain topics for the ISIAN sessions. Dr. Serrano expressed some concern about the potential impact of a meeting which will be arranged by Heinz Stammberger March 29-April 1, 2012. The primary concern relates to commercial sponsors, and the potential impact on funding in the current environment. There was some discussion that, since Dr. Stammberger's meeting will be primarily surgical and skull base, Dr. Serrano might do better with support from drug companies and companies involved with allergy. The hotels in Toulouse will range in price from €83-€250 per night and, in addition to a number of scientific topics, the program will also include live surgery.

Dr. Reda Kamel then discussed the plans for the ISIAN meeting in the Sharm-el-Sheik, Egypt in 2013. The meeting will be held at the Maritim Royal Penninsula Hotel which has excellent conference facilities. The meeting will be a joint meeting with the IRS, and Pan-Arab Rhinologic Society and Egyptian Otolaryngologic Society. Dr. Kamel had been considering having the meeting in June, however, there was some discussion that, given the heat in this Sinai Peninsula about time of the year this would be less attractive to foreign participants. Additionally, it would probably be more attractive to people outside of Egypt if it was held during a month when it was significantly cooler in their home country. A recommendation made was made that a meeting in late October or early November be considered.

The board then went into executive session to discuss whether to continue to have joint meetings during the even years with the ERS. After some discussion, given the strong assurances by the organizers of both the 2012 and 2014 meetings, a decision was made to continue the joint meetings. The vote was unanimous.
At this point, Dr. Kennedy discussed the proposal further been received for the meeting in 2015 and 2017. These include proposals from Aldo Stamm in Brazil, Dr. Geng Xu for a meeting either in Guangxou or Beijing, a proposal from Dr. Simon Carney for a meeting in Australia in conjunction with the Australasian Rhinologic Society, and a proposal from the Pan Arabian Rhinologic Society for a meeting in Dubai. There was discussion about the possibility of coordinating the meeting with the IRS meeting for 2015, and, if this was held in Brazil, Dr. Stamm would appoint one of his staff as ISIAN President. Accordingly, a decision was made to postpone a final decision on these 2 years, until the Board meeting next year in Tokyo. At that point in time, formal presentations will be requested for each of the proposals.

Dr. Kennedy stated that Dr. Eugene Kern had asked to be replaced on the ISIAN board. A number of potential replacements were discussed for Dr. Kern, along with the concept of broad US geographic representation. Dr. John Pallanch was recommended and endorsed by the Board as the next US ISIAN Board Member. The Board recommended that Dr. Brent Senior be appointed should Dr. Pallanch decline to serve.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM.