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The minutes of board meetings

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ISIAN Board Meeting

Kuala Lumpur, February 2, 2007

Present: Dr. Markus Rautianianen, Dr. Balwant Gendeh, Dr. David Kennedy, Dr. Gil Vincente, Dr. Hiroshi Moriyama, Dr. Yan-Gi Min, Dr. Metin Onerci, Dr. Anthony Papivassilliou, Dr. Eugene Kern, Dr. James Palmer

Absent: Dr. Aldo Stamm, Dr. Gerhard Rettinger, Dr. Vladimir Kozlov, Dr. Toshio Ohnishi.

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Rautianianen and the minutes from the last meeting in Tampere were approved.

Dr. Gendeh discussed the Kuala Lumpur meeting. There were 75 participants for the course prior to the meeting (3 days) with 35 people doing hands on dissection. The meeting has drawn 500 people from 40 countries. Two hundred participants were from Malaysia. The break even number of participants was about 350 participants. There will be a post congress rhinoplasty/facial plastic surgery meeting at the University. Dr. Gendeh pointed out that some speakers had cancelled at fairly short notice, but that he was able to fill any holes in the program. He thanked the ARS for their session.

Dr Moriyama discussed the current status of the ISIAN in relationship to its movement towards society status. The JRS has agreed to develop an ISIAN office in Japan, and this will be accomplished this year. He is working with Dr. Ohnishi on the by-laws and Dr. Kennedy volunteered to help with this, if he could be of assistance. The JRS has agreed to some financial support in terms of setting up the office. Dr. Moriyama also discussed the arrangements for the 2011 meeting. They are currently considering either early April or early June for a meeting inTokyo with April as the most likely option.

Dr. Kennedy discussed the 2013 meeting. At this moment in time we do not have definite commitments for this meeting. It would be ideal if this meeting was again combined with the IRS meeting and Dr. Kennedy will try to identify who will be the IRS President for 2013. It was discussed that either Africa or Central America would be excellent places for the meeting. Ideally, it would probably be held in Africa based upon the rotation of the IRS meetings. Dr. Kern pointed out that Angola is anxious to become involved with the IRS or ISIAN. Cancun Mexico would also likely be a popular location and the Mexican otolaryngologists are anxious to proceed with an international meeting there. They would have liked to host the next World Congress after Brazil, but that appears unlikely. The issue of increasing the membership of the ISIAN Board was discussed. There was some concern that increasing the membership further from Asia would unbalance the Board. However, it was felt important that China should also be represented. It was elected to ask a representative from China (Han DeMin) and from Africa (Mohammed Hassab) about their interest in joining the ISIAN Board.

Dr. Palmer discussed the arrangements for the 2009 meeting (April 15th - 19th, 2009). He discussed the plans for the pre and post congress tours, and the overview for the scientific meeting. The steering committees are currently being assembled. Two hotels have been booked, the Sheraton City Center and the Four Seasons and excellent hotel rates have been arranged at both hotels. The overall meeting schedule was outlined and discussed. Dr. Onerci pointed out that it would be nice to have some sessions on rhinoplasty and sleep disorders.

Dr. Papavasilou discussed the arrangements for the meeting in Crete - the main meeting hotel will be the Crete Maris Hotel, a 5 star hotel. He is currently working on the scientific program. There will be pre-congress and post congress miniseminars. The Mayor has been invited to the Gala Dinner. The ARS, Chinese Societies and the different Universities in Greece will cooperate and one full day will be devoted to the ISIAN. He has committed to one full day for the ISIAN.

There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned by Dr. Rautianianen and the next meeting will be in Crete in 2008.