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The minutes of board meetings

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Minutes of the ISIAN Board Meeting

October 25th 2003, Seoul Korea

Attendees: Vladimir Kozlov, Metin Onerci, Gerhard Rettinger, Hiroshi Moriyama, Balwant Gendeh, Gene Kern, Toshio Ohnishi, Y. G. Min

Guests: Drs Rautiainen, Dr. Lee

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Rettinger, the society President.

Dr. Onerci discussed the plans for the next ISIAN meeting which will be held in Istanbul, June 20th to 23rd, 2004. It is planned that the second day of the scientific meeting will be devoted to ISIAN. Dr. Onerci pointed out there are a number of hotels adjacent to the convention area. The Hilton is the closest (3min walk) but is older. There is a newer Hyatt hotel and others also within longer walking distance. Dr. Metin raised the possibility of producing a symposium proceedings from the meeting. However, it was pointed out that most presenters with good papers would prefer to publish their work in peer reviewed journals and it was therefore of concern that the proceedings might only contain the less satisfactory papers.

Dr. Stamm apologized that he could not attend the meeting but Dr. Kennedy spoke on his behalf. The 2005 ISIAN meeting will be held in Sao Paulo, April 20-23. 2005. A first brochure has been produced and a second is in production. Arrangements for the meeting are well underway and a large attendance is expected.

Dr. Kennedy gave the general secretary report. He welcomed Dr. Ohnishi who had done so much for the symposium over many years. He mentioned that an important task for the Board would be to decide whether to go ahead with the development of a society, and mentioned that he felt that this might be in the best long term interest of the ISIAN. He mentioned that his term as general secretary would come to an end in 2005, and it would be wise to discuss the general secretary for the next five years at the time of the meeting in Istanbul.

Dr. Ohnishi mentioned that the Symposium has now been meeting since 1976 and that, in that time period, there had been 22 meetings. He expressed some concerns about whether changing the symposium to a society would change the way the ISIAN has traditionally functioned, who would be able to give papers, where the meeting would be held etc. He questioned whether presidents were appropriately being maintained on the Board (1 year as president, 2 years as past president and 2 years following completion of the past president period). He recommended that consideration be given to appointing an Associate Secretary General in 2004 so that additional work can be done on the Symposium web site.

Dr. Moriyama mentioned that he has explored the potential of converting ISIAN into a society and the concept had been positively reviewed by the Japanese Rhinologic Society who were willing to provide funding for this development. Significant discussion followed with regard to the advantages and disadvantages of changing ISIAN to a society. Some reservations were expressed by Drs. Ohnishi and Kern, considering overlap with other societies and the current and prior success of ISIAN. Drs. Kozlov, Kennedy and others felt that this change would not necessarily change the fundamental supportive nature of ISIAN or its goals in terms of education, but would provide the best foundation for its survival and perpetuation and growth in the future. Following discussion, there was general agreement to proceed with developing the statutes and articles for a society. Dr. Moriyama was encouraged to pursue this with the understanding that this appears to be the best way to proceed. Dr. Kennedy mentioned that he felt it would be helpful to have an Associate General Secretary from Japan who could help Dr. Moriyama with this process. Dr. Moriyama will present his progress to the Board in Istanbul.

Dr. Rettinger discussed the issue of the relationship between ERS and ISIAN. As current IRS president he is currently working on the society's articles and expressed the wish that the current relationship between ISIAN and ERS would remain. He raised the question as to what participation ISIAN should have in ERS. Dr. Kennedy suggested, and it was agreed, that the ISIAN should request and receive one day in an ERS meeting which would be so designated as an ISIAN day and with a focus both on Infection and Allergy (Inflammation) and on the Far East and traditional ISIAN participants.

Dr. Gendeh mentioned that planning has started for the 2007 meeting which will be held in Kuala Lumpur. The meeting will be held February 1st to 4th 2007.

Dr. Kennedy mentioned that the issues with regard to the World Congress and IRS meeting in 2005 have now been resolved. Dr. Kane will be IRS president in 2005, Dr. Passali in 2007 and Dr. Kennedy in 2009. As a result, Dr. Moriyama will postpone his request for an ISIAN meeting from 2009 to 2011, creating the opportunity for a new bid for the 2009 meeting. Dr. Kennedy mentioned that if there was someone from the U.S. who would put forward a proposal, it might be possible to combine ISIAN and IRS during that year, probably to the advantage of both meetings. Submissions for the 2009 meeting will be presented to the Board in Istanbul.

Dr. Rautiainen presented his proposal for a combined ERS/ISIAN meeting in 2006. The meeting will be in Tampere June 11th - 15th, 2006. The Board agreed that this should be a combined ISIAN/ERS meeting and requested that one day be set aside for ISIAN. Dr. Rautiainen accepted this proposal.

Dr. Min presented the statistics for the 22nd ISIAN. The meeting was expected to end with more than 700 participants from 32 countries, with 50% of the participants from overseas. This includes a large number of people from China and Japan as the predominant overseas countries.

The meeting was closed by Dr. Rettinger. The next meeting of the Board is scheduled during the ERS/ISIAN meeting in Istanbul.

Respectfully submitted,

David W. Kennedy, M.D.

General Secretary.

Rettinger - Thanked Min

Onerci -