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The minutes of board meetings

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ISIAN Board Meeting

Istanbul, Monday June 21, 2004

Present: Drs. Onerci, Kennedy, Stamm, Moriyama, Rautiainen, Rettinger, Gendeh

Guests: Dr. Jeon (on behalf of Professor Min), Dr. Papavassiliou

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Kennedy on behalf of Dr. Min who could not be present. The minutes were reviewed from the October 25th meeting of the Board in Seoul, Korea and were approved with minor changes (Dr. Jeon substituted for Dr. Lee, and with substitution of ERS for IRS under Line 2 of Dr. Rettinger's resport)

Dr. Jeon reported on the 2003 meeting which was held in conjunction with the IRS and was very successful. The statistics for the meeting were presented on behalf of Dr. Min. The 22nd ISIAN was held in Seoul from Oct. 23 to 26, 2003. There were all 705 registrants from 29 countries. 386 were Korean, and 319 were from abroad, 84 from Japan, 71 from China, 37 from EU, 22 from US, 18 from Thailand, and 15 from Russia. There was 1 guest of honor lecture, 5 plenary lectures, 2 panels, 13 symposia, 30 instructional lectures, 9 luncheon seminars and 1 breakfast seminar. Invited faculty was 106 and 98 free papers and 59 posters were presented. Two best awards, one for the free paper, and another for the poster, were awarded.

Dr. Onerci discussed the present meeting. As previously requested, one day has been set aside the ISIAN day (Tuesday). The presentations on the ISIAN day are primarily Allergy/Immunology, and speakers were largely chosen from ISIAN in conjunction with input from ISIAN. Dr. Onerci reported 1500 participants, with good numbers from Korea and China. He reported that there were 700 Turkish participants, however there were relatively few participants from Japan and the USA where State Department travel warnings had been issued for Turkey. He reported that there were reduced fees for registrants from Turkey and from the Eastern Block countries and estimated the break even number to be 800 paying customers.

Dr. Stamm presented the plans for the 2005 ISIAN meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He reported that arrangements were proceeding well and that the meeting will be held in the Gran Melia Convention Center in Sao Paulo April ....... 2005. Two days of pre-congress courses are planned, and the meeting will run Wednesday through Saturday 4:00 p.m. Registration will only be $250 through August, and then begins to increase. However, overall, San Paulo has very reasonable costs for hotels, restaurants and tours. He indicated that he is hoping to provide free registration for all foreign invited faculty.

Dr. Moriyama reported that, because of additional duties as the current President of Jikei University Hospital, arrangements have been moving slowly in terms of converting ISIAN to a society based in Japan. He will report again on this issue in April.

Dr. Rautiainen reported that the arrangements for the combined ERS/ISIAN meeting in Tampere Finland in June 2006 are progressing well. He will arrange for one day to devoted to the ISIAN and will work with the then ISIAN President (Aldo Stamm) and the General Secretary in the selection of topics and speakers for this day.

Dr. Rettinger mentioned that the ERS by-laws have been revised and would include the provision and expectation of an ISIAN day when the meetings are combined. The revised by-laws will be reviewed and may be accepted at this meeting.

Dr. Gendeh reported that the 2007 ISIAN will be held from February 1-4 , at the Shangrila Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. He had an exceptionally successful ASEAN meeting there earlier this year and all who attended were very positive about both the meeting and the site.

Dr. Kennedy reminded the Board of the upcoming 50th anniversary ARS meeting which will be held in conjunction with the Academy Meeting in September in New York. A large attendance is expected and Dr. Kennedy pointed out that early registration is strongly recommended. Attendance at the ARS social functions will be limited in numbers and based on a first come, first served principle. He asked for a reaffirmation of the plan to combine the 2009 IRS meeting with the 2009 ISIAN and this again met with approval. Dr. Senior was suggested as ISIAN President for this meeting.

Dr. Papavassiliou was invited to discuss the possibility of again combining the 2008 ERS meeting with the ISIAN. Dr. Kennedy expressed some surprise that posters had already been produced listing the meeting as an ISIAN meeting. Dr. Papavassiliou presented plans for the meeting June 15-19, 2008 in Crete and reported that the would arrange to have an ISIAN meeting day, and assured the Board that he would work with the then ISIAN President (Dr. Gendeh) and the General Secretary on the choice of topics and speakers. After Dr. Papavassiliou was excused, the Board discussed the proposal and again recommended acceptance of a combined meeting.

There being no further New Business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:55 p.m.